First to what we think it will actually cost based on the treatment (we've worked with our own directors.) Then to what you actually have as a budget - so you can just tell us upfront !

Or initial estimate based on an agency board.


Brief us precisely, we'll brief the casting director accordingly. Best to already advise the multiple buyout countries so we can include for the casting director brief to agencies.

We're also happy to discuss with your director.


As for casting. A precise brief for our scout(s). Your director is welcome to brief directly.

We have a large number of images in a location library from which we can select and send to you as an initial match.

Accommodation, etc

At best advantage of production company hotel rates. We like 4 star hotels aiming for 5 stars.

And suggesting great restaurants or any activity. People remember the happy times more than if the shoot goes well.

Finally, production

If we did prep well, the shoot should go well. It also depends on info we receive from you.

We're a bit snobbish about caterers. If all is going to plan, we may as well enjoy the food (we're actually a bit snobbish about everything,)

Post production

Which may be just a cost recon after the shoot, or any level of full blown post.

We always include an on set editor plus a day after shoot in an edit suite in our budgets.
This cost or part of it can be excluded.

We've worked with




South Africa
Jonathan Cohen
Paul Thompson
Alain Proust
Justin Polkey
Sarel Esterhuizen
Valente Bosch
Michael Buckley
Iain Campbell
Jeremy Goodall
Gavin Furlonger
Eugenio Galli
Tai Krige
Mark Lennard
Michael Brierly
Clive De Klerk
Paul Gilpin
Terrence Maritz
Paul Michelson
Sean Miros
Tim Pike
Todd Somodevilla
Vicci Turpin
Tom Van Schaik

Hernan Kesselman

Lukas Bossuyt
Dimitri Karakatsanis
Danny Hiele
Patrick Otten

Mika Korkeamaki
Marku Virpio
Matti Ruuhonen

Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Jean Paul Seaulieu
Eric Dumage
Emmanuel Soyer
David Ungaro
Kourtney Roy

Juergen Bollmeyer
Oliver Boehm
Peter Dietrich
Stephan Ebert
Thorsten Harms
Til Hastreiter
Otto Alexander Jahreiss
Andre Siebert
Lars Knorrn
Peter Ladkani
Edzard Onneken
Stefan Austmeyer
Jens Harms
Maher Maleh
Ekkehart Pollack
Marc Schoelermann
Ben Hartenstein
Claas Ortmann

Sin Sang-Soon
Ryu Jin-Hhyung

New Zealand
Christine Jeffs
John Toon

Oistein Borge
Nic & Sune
Bruce Parramore
Harald Paalgard

Dariusz Kuc
Maciek Kowalczuk
Marek Dawid


Sven Gelin
Matthias Montero

Sydney McCartney
Bill Marshall
Dennis Russo
Peter Truckel
Greg Copeland
Ray Evans
Mat Whitecross
Christopher Ross
Jonas Mortensen