An example of our budget

For any production company that’s not yet worked in South Africa, and curious about costs, we can send a typical and detailed budget for a 1 day shoot, in 2 versions: “simple” and “more complex.”   By production company email request only.

We’ll also show an approximate cost for an extra shoot day, so you can roughly estimate a total South Africa service cost for a multi day shoot.

“Simple” is a nice family house, Mom, Dad, 2 children, could be a food commercial. Sample budget includes food stylist and a product person.

“Complex”: 6 adult leads at higher day rates, 12 extras, 2 higher end locations plus a public location, eg a street or a beach, location move(s), a wider range of more expensive lenses, a drone (or Techno or tracking vehicle.)

The costs we'll include:

production staff prep | scouting | casting | cast fees + country applicable buyout 1 year TV + Internet | tech recce | location fees | art department prep | props, dressing, wardrobe, sfx | crew shoot day | crew overtime all available light | equipment | catering | transport + chaperones | on set editor + 1 day in edit suite | hard drives | and a little mark up s’il vout plait.  Everything except your hotels and meals.

Although we exclude hotels, and your meals outside shoot days, we’ll find you the best value for money hotels available at the time.

 And we’d also like to invite you for a dinner or two!

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