An example of our budget

For any production company that’s not yet worked in South Africa, and curious about costs, we can send a typical and detailed budget for a 1 day shoot, in 2 versions: “simple” and “more complex.”   By production company email request only.

We’ll also show an approximate cost for each extra shoot day, so you can roughly estimate a total South Africa service cost for a multi day shoot.

“Simple” is a nice family house, Mom, Dad, 2 children, could be a food commercial. Sample budget includes food stylist and a product person.

“Complex”: 6 adult leads at higher day rates, 12 extras, 2 higher end locations plus a public location, eg a street or a beach, location move(s), a wider range of more expensive lenses, a drone (or Techno or tracking vehicle.)

The costs we'll include:

Production staff prep | scouting | casting | cast fees + country applicable buyout 1 year TV + Internet | tech recce | location fees | art department prep + shoot | props, dressing & wardrobe | crew shoot day | crew overtime for all available light | equipment | catering | transport including chaperones | on set editor | hard drives (and a little mark up s’il vout plait.)

NB:  we exclude hotels, and meals outside the shoot days but we’ll find you the best value for money hotels available at the time. And we’ll be happy to invite you for a dinner or two!  Of course, everything depends on the script/ storyboard, eg set build or special effects required, and final treatment.

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