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In 1991 Cinergy began producing TV commercials for the South African market.

From small beginnings, the company doubled turnover each year until it reached production of 52 commercials in a year, with multiple director/ producer teams, shooting country-wide from its offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Cinergy’s early specialization was food & beverage, beauty & fashion, and car commercials.

It became known for its ability to produce logistically demanding commercials, and for pioneering work in post production. For example, the very first production company in South Africa to use Flame, on a highly complex car commercial. No-one thought it was possible; a creative dream looking for the solution. A long time ago now, it seemed impossible then!

From 1997, Cinergy offered production service to foreign companies shooting TV commercials in South Africa, and its main office was moved to Cape Town.

Over the years we’ve had many types of complexities that we enjoy finding a solution for. Not so long ago, surprise call one night from London “can you start tomorrow mid-morning to shoot a music video for 4 days? Its with Cold Play.” Shortest prep time we ever had. Seemed impossible but it worked.

Cinergy has worked with clients, agencies, producers, directors, and DOP’s from Argentina, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and UK.

In the local South African market, Cinergy offers talented directors, working with many of the country’s top agencies, whose clients range from stock exchange listed giants, to small niche market clients.

Every client, large or small, receives the same dedicated and professional attention for which Cinergy has always been known.

If you’ve not worked with Cinergy before, perhaps we can welcome you soon!

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